Talking Tough with Turquoise (or Muave)

My New Gang: "The Muaves"

Alright already. I’ve heard it once too many times. This is nearly as prevalent as “there” being used for “their” and “your” for “you’re” and just as annoying.

Now I am hardly the type of person that enjoys correcting people. In fact, I am typically the kind that will quietly cringe inside and make a mental note that goes something like this, “OK, this person is an idiot.” But I very rarely do anything about it for fear of coming across as a pedantic policeman. Plus, I know I make mistakes – plenty of them – so I don’t need anyone making any mental notes of their own about me and using it against me at a later time.

But this has gone far enough.

Sample quotes:
“Jeez, this weather is crazy. Mother Nature is going schizo on us.”
“My schizophrenic side is coming out. First I like comedy, then I’m into romance, then romantic comedy. I’m constantly changing.”

I read it online; I hear it in restaurants and at work.

You might wonder what is wrong there. The weather does seem to have mood swings, especially in the late winter/early spring. And someone whose taste in the cinema dramatically moves around a lot may have issues. But mood swings and changing tastes/personalities ARE NOT synonymous with schizophrenia. CAN WE ALL AGREE TO UNDERSTAND THIS?

Ironically, I was already planning to write a piece today on people’s misuse of the medical term “schizophrenia” as they confuse it with multiple personality disorder, when a well-timed email from a blog I subscribe to The Hack Novelist (someone whose blog I enjoy reading) came into my inbox. He had just guest-blogged on a site called the “The Schizophrenic Writer”. Naturally, I was intrigued.

Turns out this blog Hack guested on is normally authored by Bobbi Carducci, who proceeds to describe herself on her About page as schizophrenic because she has many writing personalities. Question: Do you realize that this blog post you are reading right now will just possibly blow Bobbi’s mind, blow the whole precondition of Bobbi’s website and possibly her whole conception of existence as she knows it?

But honestly, I would expect more from a newspaper Senior Staff Writer.

Should Bobbi ever read this post, I would want her to take no offense and realize I’m not trying to start the next east/west coast gang feud such as that between rap icons Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls in the early ‘90s. But I am prepared to do something extreme like adorning a colored bandana and talking some smack on the internet. I think muave will be my color or maybe turquoise. Yeah, something really tough like that…anything to get this simple correction firmly rooted in the nation’s consciousness.

Perhaps I should start my global campaign by requesting to be a guest writer on Bobbi’s blog, which I already did here.

Oh, and if you’re opinion of me after this peace is something like “what’s his problem? He’s loosing his mind. This person is a sensitive idiot with there priorities messed up. Its nuts. His rant won’t effect anyone,” than I don’t really care. You’ve probably made mistakes before to.



About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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6 Responses to Talking Tough with Turquoise (or Muave)

  1. I don’t take offense at your blog at all. I invite comment pro and con. I call myself schizphrenic because of all the voices in my head (various chaeacters waiting to be heard. The quote in the header of my blog also speaks to why I call myself the Schizophrenice Writer.

    On the more personal side, I spent seven years caring for my mentally ill father-in-law who was truly schizophrenic. He spent 13 years in various mental institutuons and
    had a true psychotic break will living with us. When he was hearing voices I knew it. I called them the others. I am writing a book about those years and felt that I could tie my blog persona to the issue I was writing about.

    Did I take some licsense with the term? Sure. But writers do that at times. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you’ll do so again.

  2. As for guest blogging. I’d love it. Let’s set it up.

    • Since we’re not feuding (kind of disappointed that I’ll have to drop the gang-member tag) I’ll have to sincerely say I’m sorry about your father-in-law, but also happy to hear you’re not part of the crowd that doesn’t understand the difference between MPD and schizophrenia. I AM still gang-feuding with them and I do invite you to wear the muave bandana wherever you go.

      For the guest spot, great. If you have ideas I can work that that, or I could suggest some concepts…

      Thanks for reading! I’m a new subscriber to your blog so I’ll be happy to visit yours again.

    • I could write a post for your blog about how being crazy actually allows me to be sane – I think a lot of people could relate. In other words, if you hold back those creative impulses that will always be there – being the lunatic that I am and probably a lot of other out there are – something happens to your ability to mask or hide your craziness to the world.

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  4. Great Rant! Also, I agree.

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