Awe-ful x 13

Maybe I’m just not that interesting. Here I’ve been blaming Twitter and the millions of Twitter users for not instantly latching on to my ultra-informative and clever posts.

I guess it’s natural as a writer, musician, artist/creative guy to just assume that when exposed to my work, the “common folk” will drop to their knees on the spot and out of shear inability to voice their awe will simply start weeping at the godliness that has been bestowed upon them and so capriciously chucked at their consciousness.

It is fair, is it not, to assume that a person in awe would follow up that awe with a desire to put their friends and Twitter followers in that same state of awe? Have you ever seen a sentence with the word “awe” in it 3 times? Then let me also ask of you this: am I to believe that based on my blog stats and meager number of Twitter followers of @LessonsOfLunacy that this awe is not, in fact, happening?! How about a paragraph with the word “awe” in it 8 times? Are you now in awe? Awesome.

I will continue…

In real life – that being my life outside of Twitter (because we all know that’s not real, just virtual silliness) – I am not awe-inspiring. In fact, many would say I have an awe-ful personality. Actually, that’s not true. Most people would say I am a mellow, quiet type of guy. Much of my brain activity just seems too content to stay shielded by my cranium. I’ve always heard I’m much too quiet. And unless I know you well (that’s about 3 people) that’s true.

I do sniff a lot though. I don’t exactly know why. I’ve always thought I have really narrow nostrils; or it’s the thick nostril outer covering…probably something in between.

But it is really fascinating output much like that last paragraph that confounds me as to why I don’t have every Twitter user in the universe following me with their awe, eagerly anticipating my next tweet, my next awesome utterance, my next philosophical perturbation.

When will they all start buckling their knees?

Oh, wait!…it’s happening!! Look at this. Everyone around me is suddenly dropping. Can’t you hear it?

Quiet!…they’re about to say something…

“YvF, we are begging you…will you please shut the hell up?!”


About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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