I Have a Skill

I have a skill and I’m trying to figure out how it could possibly by leveraged in the real world. It is very possible that either everyone has this skill or I’m one of few in the world; I really have no idea.

Are you ready?

I have the ability to know well in advance as I walk – with a high degree of confidence – whether my left or right foot will be the closest to a given line. Let me step you through this.

You are walking. Doesn’t matter where – on a sidewalk or in your office. 25-30 feet in front of you is a line, be it in a carpet or a sidewalk segment break. At that moment, you ask yourself whether your left foot will be close to that line and you just know, you just feel deep inside you that it is a yes. As you approach the line, the feeling gets stronger until, voila, your left foot lands a few inches before it.

Now there are a couple possibilities:
(1) You’re just an idiot – who would even pay attention to something like this
(2) You self-adjust as you walk to make your prophecy come true
(3) You actually are able to calculate in your head this pre-ordained outcome

Through repeated exercising of this principle, I have ruled out option (2). So I’m either an idiot or I can calculate this. It is possible that both (1) and (3) are true. But it doesn’t matter, because if (3) is true, regardless of (1), there may be some real-world potential here unless (1) gets in the way of me realizing what it is.

I’m thinking a game show where being right means you live and being wrong lands you with a 100 foot fall into a boiling vat of alligator blood. Or maybe it is a new form of detecting whether women are witches like the Salem Witch Trials where the test of whether a woman was a witch was whether she floated or sank in a pool of water –if she sank and died she was innocent, which was ironic and sad.

Side question: was the alliteration in that last paragraph as annoying to read as it was to write?

So I will leave the real world application of this unique talent up to the reader. Any good profiting ideas will be split 95/5 favoring me, of course.

But try it next time you are walking and think of the Functional Lunatic and curse him for wasting your time and putting such a silly idea in your head. Because from now on if you’re anything like me, every time you are walking you will be playing this game in your head…sorry.

Oh, I almost forget. Shout out for my Century Mark Blog Star goes to Marlon Acosta (@mjacosta42) who was my 500th follower. So it was an extra special milestone and I’m thinking I’ll change it to the Half Kilo Blog Star award and do it every 500 followers since it is just too much work to do it every 100. Marlon is a full time husband and father, part time MLM marketing guy and a health/wellness coach. Plus, he grills a mean steak! On his blog you can find tips on MLM success, making money and how to have an awesome profile page.

BTW Marlon, I like Salsa music too…and Merengue. Don’t get stuck within that last link. It could mess with your mind…



About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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