HDR Pictures of Peru

Here are HDR photos I took during my recent 2 week trip to Peru. I’m sure I’m biased, but some of these shots are stunning. I will only take partial credit; the rest goes to Photomatix Pro…

Click photos for larger image:

Miraflores is a touristy town on the west coast of Peru south of Lima. Its elevation is a few hundred feet with a sharp drop off to the ocean where you can always find surfers and surfing lessons.


Great sunset shot. Living on the east coast, I rarely get to see sunsets over the water. At the right, you can see part of whale island. Unfortunately, I cut off the body of the whale and all that’s left is the tail.


Our aunt took us to a swim club for a day. Since it is early fall there, it was empty. This is the greenery next to the pool. I love the characteristics of the clouds – this is a very HDR-y photo. Also, notice the sprinker at the bottom. If not for that, the grass would surely die since the area around the club is mostly dry sand.

I really love this shot that captures the lighting contrast. I took this off a little pier that had these black and orange crabs crawling all over the place. Look at the colors on the left side and that orange Martian-looking rock and how the fog sits right on top of the buildings at the top left.


All of the parks I saw – no matter how small – had a little illuminated dedication to a saint like you see here. At sunset, the colors were spectacular.


This is the center square in Lima where you can see government buildings, the changing of the guard and the city cathedral (photos of that below). It has a very tropical feel to it, but not much in the way of tall buildings.

This is the main hall of the Catedral de Lima. Alongside the left and right out of view are many large, colorful dedications to various cardinals and religious occurences. Downstairs is a vault where they keep the bodies of religious figures, coffins of children and babies and a whole cabinet of skulls (photo later).

This is the main alter. The wood carvings on the right and left are exquisitely crafted and made out of fine mahogany. This was a very impressive scene.


Off the main hall there was a series of rooms almost like a museum where you can see items from the pope and some really fine jewels and paintings. The light in this room was very attractive. In that glass case below the stairs is a prosthetic arm of a religious authority of the past – it is very small, like a child’s.

Our cousin’s boyfriend has a surreal dwelling nestled in the mountains out west a bit in the mountains. It was beautiful, but the bug bites lasted for days. During their summer (Dec – Mar) the rivers are dry and the bugs aren’t there.

At this same house they have hammocks which the kids love to cover themselves within, like little pods. I think they were just escaping from the biting gnats.


Near Miraflores there’s a mall called Larco Mar situated right on the edge of the cliffs. This is the view south. That island in the distance has a cross perched on top that is lit at night.


Here is the view to the north from Larco Mar. Down at the pier is where I took that previous photo from up above with the orange rock. That day, I would have been in the clouds, but this day was bright and very clear.

On the way back from our cousin’s boyfriend’s house, we stopped at a small shop for some piccarones – little fried doe-rings made with pumpkin. This little shack selling bee’s honey and pollen was right next store.

I took this shot from the roof top of the house we were staying at in Surco. I was disappointed that the sun was blocked, but it ended up giving the shot a cool effect.


Another sunset shot. I got this one as we were on the road to the airport. I think it is a little blurry because the car was moving, but the colors are still very nice. I will never tire of taking sunset pictures.

I took this shot on the airplane to Panama where we stopped over on the way down to Peru. I was just struck by the colors of the monitors reflecting all over the place.


Early in the trip, we went to another swim club in the mountains. This is a chifa shack where Chinese food is served. Peruvian-Chinese joints are more popular (and delicious) than in the states. The landscape is so dramatic there – I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.

As promised in my last post, here is a political billboard for crazy hook guy. A running mate of PPK, he is clearly making a point with that hook and using his disability to his advantage. I’m fine with that.

My son was looking at the cabinet full of skulls in the cellar of the Catedral de Lima and I caught his reflection so that it looked like he was actually within the cranial remains. He loves the shot. I think it’s a little ominous.

For anyone who has stuck around up to this point, this is my gift to you. Sure, you have to be a child – or someone with my sense of humor – to enjoy a photo like this, but…I couldn’t resist. This was only part of a parking lot sign, but my attention will always be immediately and precisely drawn the these four letters in this particular combination. Is this a command? a verb? a noun? It’s up to you!

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YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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  1. meximo70 says:

    damn nice shots…thanks for the “fart”

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