Chaotic Thought Monday – Part Trois

I Love Mondays (meh, just kidding)

It’s Monday and I can’t remember why I always name these Chaotic Monday blogs with a French number. I don’t speak French; I’ve only been to France once. And I was only there for a weekend with jet lag so it’s not like I fell in love with the place, the language or anything like that. It wasn’t especially memorable; the Louvre was nice though. (I think there were a couple of nice paintings there…and one of them had the highway blues.) 

Super Faaaaaaaaaahvvvrr

Side note: in the Brett Favre vein of pronunciation, shouldn’t the Louvre be pronounce “larv” rather than “loooooooooooovf”? I probably shouldn’t speak about inconsistent pronunciation – the English language is a mess of contradiction and inconsistency.

 The last time I did a Chaotic Monday was nearly 2 months ago and also included a Century Mark Blog Star. I haven’t had one of those in a while because I’ve been stuck at around 1350 followers for weeks. I blame Twitter and its limit of following 2000. If I can’t follow new people, new people won’t follow me. Silly Twitter…

Couple points I want to make:

 (1) Craig Carton on the WFAN morning show was picking on Knicks’ power forward Amar’e Stoudemire for not playing hard against the Celtics in the playoffs. During Game Three, Amar’e (no, that’s not a French name, it is actually Hebrew) hurt his back and wasn’t the same scoring and rebounding force in the final 2 games. Carton compared the “more manly” effort of Rajon Rondo of dislocating his elbox during a playoff game the other day and not only returning later in the game, but playing well. I’m going to learn Carton something here and since he is a regular reader of my blog I will say, “Are you insane?!?” Anyone who has ever hurt their back before can tell you that walking is difficult when it is acting up. Forget about jumping, changing directions and knocking over other players – oh, isn’t that what they do now in the NBA?

 (2) I was happy to read today that each Mini Moo – those tiny indiviual wrapped containers of coffee creamer – only have 10 calories each. I was trying to ramp down from 4 per coffee to 3, but now I’m saying, “why?”

 (3) “Man is a giddy thing”. Shakespeare – “Much Ado About Nothing” or Mumford and Sons – “Sign No More”. Your choice…

 (4) Symptoms of a publicly run (or government run) corporation: inefficiency, not focusing on the business, excessive process or red tape, unmotivated employees, layer upon layer of under-utilized management resources…nothing gets done, but there are hours and hours of meetings each day to talk about the things that need to get done. I don’t work for a public company…but really, I do. There is no difference except we actually make a lot of money…

 (5) I’m starting a new beard growing cycle. It will end when my wife says to me, “when are you going to shave.” Then I will shave. That might be tomorrow or it could be in 3 months…

(6) Nice piano tune: Miscellany

Til next time,


About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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