Don’t Confuse the Soul with the Software (or the Self)

We are so fascinated with ourselves.

We love to talk about our brains as if they are the most magnificent creation in the history of the universe.

The human brain may be the most complex, extraordinary “thing” that we know of, but there’s a lot out there that we don’t know about.

So come one; let’s get over ourselves already and think more about the big picture.


Isn’t it funny how we “realize” things? To realize something means it was there in your neural networks to begin with. The potential was built into the connections of many billions of neurons in your neo cortex, but “you” hadn’t yet realized it.

So what is this You that can focus itself to extract pre-existing information from the hardware that is your brain? It is consciousness, yes. But that word is thrashed around like a donkey in a burrito bath*.

*I just made that up and it has absolutely no meaning

Courtesy of

What are we really talking about when we say consciousness? Is it the software that operates the brain’s hardware? Is it what emerges from the hardware when the software operates it? Is it what manages what emerges from the hardware when the software operates it? Is it what manages what manages what emerges…

(What happens when we confuse ourselves???)

There are layers upon layers of consciousness, each one capable of monitoring the other [not necessarily hierarchical] layers.

I like to look at the layers of consciousness, constantly battling each other (or working in unison if you’re more of a peaceful person), as the Self. The Self changes over the course of a lifetime due to changes in software. Sometimes the software changes in response to hardware changes. Other times it is upgraded by the Self…or influenced to change by other Selfs that we deeply care about.

What manages the Self? Oh God, what a question. But isn’t that the answer?? That’s what the Soul is.

I myself am upgrading to version 5.0 of mySelf – or, I’m attempting to. I’m still working on the upgrade procedure. Damn thing keeps asking for the license key…

Here is my versioning history (I’ll need to provide it to Customer Support if this doesn’t go well):

• Years 0-13: v1.x (“x” because there were, of course, minor upgrades along the way)
• Years 13-17: v2.x
• Years 17-21: v3.x
• Years 21-37: v4.x**
• Year 37: v5.0

** Version 4.238 has been a big ragged. Customers are not happy

With 5.0, there’s no fancy advertising on a shiny, new box. This baby gets downloaded directly from the source. Let’s hope there’s no malware that comes down with it. I am migrating few files, not all. It’s nearly a clean wipe of the OS.

Key features of the new version – has enhanced self-monitoring features along with improved abilities to disengage the rage endowment. Also, lower levels on the chagrin setting and the cynical variable has been nearly completely de-coupled from the main environmental intake partition.

What version of You are you on?

About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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4 Responses to Don’t Confuse the Soul with the Software (or the Self)

  1. Jeremy B. says:

    I like to look at the versions through year numbers such as, year 1 is version 1.0, looking at it this way would put me on version 22.226. breaking it down further the first 2 numbers represent age, the last 3 are the amount of months and days after the initial install. It helps to maintain that integrity, so’s not to confuse the release date of said upgrade.

    • Jeremy B. says:

      perhaps it should be 22.2.26 – 22yrs 2months and 26days?

      • Wow – a release every day. Impressive.
        Thanks for reading.

      • Jeremy B. says:

        The daily releases are like security updates for windows, except in this case it’s taking the new things I’ve learned/experienced that day and compiled them into a new build to help me better understand who I am as a person and how I can help or advise others in similar situations.

        The compiling of the new release only happens when I’m asleep, this explains why I can sleep for such long periods.

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