Delusions and Daliances – If I Trusted My Gut I’d Be Insane

Although some may disagree, I’ve been straying from my lunatic roots lately.

So let me bring it back home with some delusions and daliances and consider:

 What if this world was all for me?

How do I know it isn’t?

Almost as importantly, how do you know it isn’t all for me?

Those that know me understand this question. Those that don’t…will know soon enough. Well you’d have to if the world is all for me. Otherwise you might go around thinking it is for you.

But what does it mean to say “the world is all for me?” Well, imagine that if everything that had ever happened was leading up to this moment before us right now. Imagine if everyone was aware of this fact except for you and that everything was a grand secret. The Most Grand Secret in the World that only you didn’t know about. You’d wonder when the Truth was going to be revealed, wouldn’t you? You’d look people in the eye and try to glimpse the flicker of a restrained wink that wanted so badly to escape. You’d question people and you’d probe people and their resistance would just tell you that you were getting closer.

And you’d wonder if it would be sweeter if you just let the secret manifest itself as planned. I mean, why would you want to spoil it – kind of like a kid investigating the existence of Santa Claus.

Should we all live our lives as if the world is for us? I think no, that could be dangerous. Let’s all just assume it is for me.


More delusions and daliances…

Why did that white Roto Rooter van sit on the other side of my street yesterday – not quite directly in front of my house, but just enough to the right so as to appear to be on a normal
call? Who was inside of it?

Why do streetlights always go out when I pass under them? This is well-documented in my most recently published book.

Why am I in my shower tile?

Why does everything have a special meaning just for me?

Why do I always feel I’m being watched?

My conscious thoughts know this is a figment of my imagination. So why must I constantly fight my subconscious? People always say to trust your gut. If I trusted mine I would be insane.


Every brain’s configuration makes it perfect for a certain occupation [and very imperfect for others]. Why aren’t we better at realizing this. When will we get better at realizing this? Shouldn’t there be dynamic brain scans used for the purpose of quantifying certain physiological characterics of the brain anatomy?

i.e.: someone with a small or underdeveloped cortex or sub-active hypocampus may not have the best declarative memory capabilities (used for the memory of facts and events). So would that person make a good lawyer? No. But they may have fantastic capabilities in the pre-frontal lobe, have a great short term memory and make for a great air traffic controller. Someone whose left and right hemispheres are well-connected with a thick corpus callosum would make for a terrific communicator (ladies).

Someone with higher cortical thickness, small cortex, weak hypo campus and poorly performing pre-frontal lobe would probably make for someone that could do well in a creative capacity – or someone that would be really good lying in a fetal position all day long. I’m not making this up.

Our capabilities would match our occupation and that would maximize our “worth” to society. General happiness would ensue, the world would be a much happier place. Again, your welcome World.

It isn’t (or is it?) like the old question put to young kids, “what do you want to be when you’re older?”

I want to be everything…literally. All at once.



About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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