God: Proxy or Pure Energy?

After Delphi by YvF: Herman Hesse meets the Matrix

I’d love to share an excerpt from my first novel, “After Delphi“. At this point the main character, Pontius, has had his life ruined by a desperate government leader. He is on the run, going mad and looking for metaphysical answers that will help him decide what to do next.

Is God simply a proxy, pure energy…or both?:

Page 195:

In short, God has become no longer an objective thing but something very subjective – all things to all people. God is now a super-aggregation of whatever gap we need to fill in our lives and, according to Pontius, aggregations are the breeding ground of forced borders that must crumble beneath the new paradigm that was sparked by his enlightening dream. So to propose that his dream had divine origination, which had always been in the back of his mind, was to propose that God himself had brought upon his own dissolution or at least the suggestion of such.

But to Pontius, God frequently seemed to be an obfuscating factor in itself. In his discussions way back in school about free will and determination, the sticking point of many of his highly educated debating partners had been that if all was determined then that meant that God knew what was going to happen and therefore God had not granted humankind free will.

This progression was not a logical one to Pontius. If one simply removes God from the equation, a fog lifts and the answer can be seen. The problem is that so many people refuse to remove God; they will not even consider that as a possibility due to the indoctrination of this dogma that has been engrained in their mind almost since birth. The existence of God has just about the same effect on many people that Tempus had hoped the artificial Eschewal would have, permeating every thought such that there is no conception of anything minus this entity. To many, it is like asking them to imagine a world in which there is no oxygen – they just know that life is not possible without it yet many could not express how oxygen actually provides life to the body.

To Pontius, a better example of this concept that so many misunderstand as God is pure energy, pure information. So many times, we are fooled into thinking that the most beautiful explanation or solution must be the right one. But, ironically, many times it is, and this is another reason why God will be invoked so often as a first cause. These people will argue that beauty cannot exist on its own. But beauty and wonderment is organization and complexity, according to our perception, and what will we perceive to be most beautiful but something whose structure is congruent with the observing structure: our brain.

While God is something that can be invoked to explain the unknown, we are finding that as we understand more, the need for this invocation is becoming less and less until we are simply left with energy as the sole explicating factor. What we see before our eyes is simply the impression made by energy as it passes through the dimensions and frequencies that our mind can comprehend. At this point, it is converted to information.

The question, “what does energy look like?” cannot be answered. We perceive energy almost as we would perceive paint that falls through a screen: we can see its affects on a medium. So much of it will pass right through and the only thing that is left for us to perceive is the residue that is collected on the threads that make up the screen itself. The rest is lost to us; we cannot perceive it directly. But should we be enlightened to the existence of the paint that has passed through and left its mark on the screen, thought Pontius, we shall understand the real Truth of the paint, or paint in transit. In the case of humans, the screen is the mind, and the marks left on the threads of the mind by the energy that powers the entire process are the neurons that pattern the thoughts that we live our lives by, that we model our existence with.

We are incompatible with the real comprehension of Truth since we are not equipped to collect it. Perhaps that was the real message of Pontius’ dream. Perhaps it truly was divine in that it does not obviate God, but it was a message of Truth – that it is up to Pontius to help humanity not only understand the existence of pure energy and information, but to actually help it learn how to apprehend it and use it.

Pontius, left alone to contemplation, walked on.

If you like it, click here to read more. I’d be happy to send you a free copy!!

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