“Afterlife Exists,” Says Top Brain Surgeon…The Spirits Agree

So a prominent neurosurgeon insists that the afterlife exists after waking from a coma. Makes sense to me. And I didn’t need to half die to tell you that.

No…the spirits are constantly with me and tell me everything to do (I’m assuming these are the same gang of crazy ghouls that haunt the afterlife of which Dr. Alexander refers).

But I don’t go around telling everybody that, especially anyone whose opinion of me I value. That’s why I’m telling you this, my dear reader.

Of course I’m just joking. But it does make me wonder when the answer, “Because I’m listening to the spirits” will ever be an acceptable one at the workplace?

Boss: Johnson, why did you shift five projects to start in 3Q rather than 2Q?
Johnson: Because I’m listening to the spirits
Boss: Johnson, take a walk to HR

Yes, the spirits tell me everything to do from how much parsley to put in my tomato sauce to what station to listen to on Pandora radio. When can I give them proper kudos for how far they’ve taken me without losing my credibility? Maybe they’ll tell me when.

Spirit on the Steps – Photo Credit: YvF

Is it a feeling of what’s the right thing to do or is it actually voices? That’s for me to know. Let’s just say they do tell me when it’s time to approach my wife with my tail tucked between my legs and admit that I screwed up. But the interesting part is that they were also telling me what to do when I screwed up in the first place.

I’m aware I’m just playing a part in this grand drama. I listen to the spirits because I have no choice. They toy with me at times and let me see glimpses of the script – but just in moments when I’m not really paying attention or expecting it. And they show me at times what it’s like if I don’t obey.

Even if I tried to disobey I’m sure that would still, on a grander scale, be obeying the spirits. So I do go with the flow and follow my gut, my intuition…and the spirits – at home, at play and yes at work.

But I would never tell anyone….yet. Not til they tell me to.

About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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