Post “SuperStorm” Sandy Thoughts, “Genius” and an AWOLNATION Review – All Seamlessly and Cleverly Tied Together By Excellent Writing

If you stick around to read the full post, I want to claim with full transparency that I’m leaving it open to interpretation as to whether the last line is a dig at Mayor Bloomberg
*whistles and looks up and away*

No storm here…nothing to look at!

“It’s just going to be some wind and some rain, maybe a lot of either one, but nothing too crazy,” is what I thought.

Although I refused to be fooled by The Weather Channel’s meteorologists, who were as amped up as NFL analysts on Superbowl morning, I did decide to get gas, food for three days and plenty of batteries.

Up until about 7:30PM I was convinced that it was all hype – until everything went wrong…terribly wrong. That’s when the winds picked up and by 8:30 the lights were out. I was obsessively looking out the windows to see if the winds had shifted to be southerly because once that happened it would have meant the center of the storm and its fiercest winds had passed in this case. But the winds didn’t shift until much later. Not until after the ocean had crossed halfway across Staten Island, all the way across Long Beach Island and the southern part of Manhattan had flooded with salt water, inundating the subways and drowning many of the dominant rats that usually remain underground while the sub dominant rats roam up above scavenging for food. So does that mean we’ve been left with a bunch of wimpy rats in the city? That just won’t do.

But what really was Sandy? Technically, it wasn’t a hurricane nor was it a tropical storm when it came ashore. It was a post tropical “super storm” that brought hurricane force winds and category three force gusts. The winds never really shifted to the south until much later, but continued streaming onshore as the most brutal gusts were channeled into the tri-state area, launched by a nasty 40 foot ocean. Tossing tree limbs and even entire trees, the winds blew as if they were offended by the very consideration that we’d be spared widespread power outages due the weakest parts of the trees being snapped by the freak October snowstorm of exactly one year before.

While folks in Staten Island were drowning in their homes as the salt water so suddenly overwhelmed them, I was sitting by candlelight taking 30 second exposures of moving flashlights.

Jonathan Feldman is director of IT Services for a rapidly growing North Carolina city r@_jfeldman on Twitter.

Is it any surprise that less than a week after the storm, idiot IT Directors are writing articles making dumb claims about Sandy…and IT. Sorry Jon,
but the majority of New Jerseyians in huge gasoline lines recently did in fact fill up before the storm. Even large generators run out of gas after 18 hours and unfortunately they don’t run on the sheer genius fluid that emanates from your head. I’m most baffled at how you’re a Director of IT and a contributing editor for Information Week and you’re writing about how you realized running a software project without first insisting on having requirements, a business case defined and key stakeholders identified WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA? (It does kinda make more sense when I see that you work for the government though.) And by the way, from your picture it looks like those deep thoughts are pretty painful when they’re coming out.

Speaking of geniuses, I have two interesting comments on “Genius” that I got from an article on Scientific American:

(1) Geniuses can share certain potentially negative traits with the mentally ill, but when these traits are combined with specific positive attributes, the result is creativity rather than psychopathology
(2) A scientific genius has different expertise than an artistic genius, but all creative geniuses may depend on the same general process: blind variation and selective retention

My opinion is that a labeling of “genius” is just a recognition of differing (sometimes illogical) thoughts, aka creativity, that have proven to be beneficial to the general public, be it in enriching art, science or anything – it doesn’t matter. When we *ahem* When geniuses, I mean, think up topics, music, write poetry or novels, it doesn’t seem “genius” at the point of creation, but just a natural extension of thought. Typically, that natural extension of thought is deeply enmeshed within psychotic and “unnatural” thoughts indicative of mental illness and quite unnatural to regular people, aka selective retention and thinking.

Realize that these differing thoughts don’t always prove beneficial. At times, they prove to be quite the opposite which can land one in jail or a mental institution. The difference between the genius and the true lunatic is that the former knows when and how to shut down the “bad” thoughts and promote the “good” ones while the latter does not. So why can’t they? Well, because they’re crazy, that’s why!

Megalithic Symphony by AWOLNATION

And to further any thoughts of genius and apocalypse…the band AWOLNATION comes to mind. As I tweeted the other day, “Knights of Shame” is a masterpiece. The other tracks are equally intriguing and catchy. They can almost be thought of as industrial pop music that is initially slightly embarrassing to play in front of others since the choruses are at first too “poppy”. Yet the more I listened, the more I appreciated the choruses within and around the driving keyboards, guitar and at times throat-tearingly intense vocals.

There are some artists whose genius is their ability to keep the music simple and the lyrics identifiable. These lyrics seem quite gentle, reassuring, at times drawing me in with their kindness and at other times giving me reason to believe there’s quite a bit of pain behind them: “please please make the dirty preacher freeze”. But the more I listen, the more I hear enough apocalyptic-zombie-2012-religious-new order-illminati-ufo-socialist references to make me seriously wonder on what side of the genius/mentally ill side of the equation singer/songwriter Aaron Bruno falls as he repeatedly calls for his audience to “wake up” and stop “walking around with your head cut off” while refusing in interviews to discuss their meaning. But that’s how we like our artists, isn’t it? Both a genius and insane at the same time.

As I close this out I’d like to remind everyone to keep thoughts of the storm’s victims in mind and help out wherever and whenever you can.

Also remember that although only the wimpy rats survived, a rat is a rat. No need to feel sorry for them, even if they are still running New York City…

About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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2 Responses to Post “SuperStorm” Sandy Thoughts, “Genius” and an AWOLNATION Review – All Seamlessly and Cleverly Tied Together By Excellent Writing

  1. Sandy Smith says:

    You’re just being mean – the author said something reasonable about hurricane prep, was big enough to admit to making a mistake at work, and your skewering him? Pretty small! And then to ridicule his photo – how mature.

    • Yes, I am a small, small, wicked man, both immature and mean. But having acknowledged that, I have to say I stand by what I wrote and disagree with you. Jon did 2 things I take issue with:

      The first was not a reasonable comment about hurricane prep, but a faulty, misplaced criticism of people that are struggling to survive that have been hit hard by a natural disaster. Why did he do this?: for the sake of a weak IT/apocalypse analogy.

      The second is equivalent to someone professing to be a professional NASCAR driver writing in “Drivers’ Weekly” (or some other made up NASCAR magazine) about how he made the mistake of forgetting to fuel up his car before the race and was strangely left immobile at the starting line. Or maybe a football player forgetting to put on his shoulder pads and wondering why he got his neck compressed into his back. Or a clown forgetting his big red nose…

      As for the picture, you must not be familiar with my writing style. It’s what I do. I’m just having fun and love poop humor. I tweeted Jon yesterday about it.

      Have a nice day, poopy-face.

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