A Whole Nother Great Music Idea: TuneFly !!

I’ve decided to give away one of my best secrets. I held it in because I thought one day I would eventually have time to work on it. But I’m a realist. I don’t even have time to hang up blinds in my house. Actually, I do have time but I just never get around to it. So regardless of whether I’m a procrastinator or just super busy (is that even possible?), I will provide the details of my glorious brain-child in the hopes that somebody will run with it just because I’d love to see it implemented someday.

It’s not an idea for a novel. It’s not a massive riff that will change all of humanity; and it’s not a new way to insult my readers, although calling one a poopy-face yesterday was pretty brilliant by the way. No, it’s a whole nother* thing

*usage of the word “nother” is in homage to those in NJ suffering through the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

OK, ready for the big secret?

It’s a new music service…


Before you roll your eyes and succumb to flashbacks of Metallica’s drummer unleashing torrents of calmly delivered mean words aimed at Napster, hear me out.

First, I have a really cool saying and I’ve already nailed the logo. So that’s like 99% of the work right there. The rest can be ironed out by a team of programmers in Chennai within a week I’m sure.

TuneFly!: Be a fly on the wall of your favorite recording artists!

Anybody know a team of lawyers that have a few hours on their hands to deal with licensing and artists’ rights and stupid stuff like that? I really think that can be wrapped up over a couple lunch sessions. Everyone has over-complicated the whole music model over the years – I’m looking at you, dead Steve Jobs…

And once that’s taken care of, we let ‘er fly (oh! – there’s another slogan!).

Here are the details:

Become a Fly!

How would you like to not only have access to your favorite bands’ studio productions and gigs, but also:

  • žAll of their live rehearsals
  • žAll of their jam sessions
  • žAll of their writing sessions
  • žAnything else they were willing to share
ž…at your convenience or as it happens!!
…without having to worry about device space limitations
Sounds awesome, right?

Have Unprecedented Creative Access!

  • žIt’s like you’re best friends with the band!
  • žNever miss anything your favorite bands do – live or whenever you have time – with alert-based access to music, news, tweets, videos and more
  • Combines the best of iTunes, FanBridge, SoundCloud, SongKick, Spotify, Moshcam, BandDigs, and artist social networking – in an all new way
  • žBe that fly on the wall as the next greatest tunes are being created and performed

Never get swatted off the wall!

Never miss anything!!


  1. žYou just got an alert on your phone: Jack White is rehearsing in his home studio! Be a fly on his wall!!
  2. A link in the alert opens a mobile app or website where you can listen in and hear things that have never been recorded or heard by anyone before
  3. In the app you also have access to all of your bands and you can pick the ones to listen to now or record for later enjoyment
  4. You can also interact with other Flies on the Wall via chat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. in real “FlyTime”
For those wondering, “What’s in it for the artists?”…

Bands: How would you like to have…

  • More fans?
  • A steady revenue stream solely dependent on your output and not limited to studio productions, touring and silly promo spots that you need to travel to?
  • Total control to your fans’ access to your output
  • Those incredible rehearsal or writing moments captured for your fans’ enjoyment…and sharing with their friends

A higher level of musical access brings stronger connections to you and your brand…which brings even more fans (and higher levels of income)…and more fans…

What went wrong with the other services??

  • BandDigs failed within a year. It was promoted with a crappy “family” of bands, never caught on and focused only on video, chat, interactions, technology…and not on music and not on the service to fans
  • FanBridge is really just a portal for managing Twitter/Facebook/emails/videos that is centered around bands that already have a fanbase and trying to manage it with consistency, not around elabling an artist to produce more great art/music – not emails…it doesn’t grow a fanbase
  • SoundCloud captures the idea of making a recording and sharing it with interaction, but doesn’t capture the branding and packaging nor provide the instant alerts. Plus, putting up audio isn’t streamlined…The whole process needs to be easy and seamless to the artist or they won’t use it
  • SongKick is good for tracking bands, but is based only around concerts and knowing when your bands are touring…again, nothing intimate that grows the fanbase

So, somebody out there now has a great idea. Go run with it! Dikshit and Supraya are waiting in Bangalore for you to provide the details. All I ask for is 99.5% of the revenue (this is slightly negotiable).

What’s that you say? What about funding, launching the service and getting artists to know and agree with it?

Well, that’s a whole nother matter.

Author, musician, yellow snow-maker…and TuneFly CEO and spiritual creator

About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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1 Response to A Whole Nother Great Music Idea: TuneFly !!

  1. Anybody running with this idea yet?!? Why not? If you are, give me a status. I’m looking for some profits (or prophets?)

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