I’ll Be the First to Say It: Black Holes Are Everywhere

Black Hole: courtesy of Scientific American

I’ll be the first to say it…black holes are everywhere.

What’s more, because they are everywhere, I believe black holes are the future energy source we’ve been seeking for so long.

When the Hadron Collider first came on line, one camp warned that the tremendous scale of energy the collider generated could create nanoscopic black holes that rapidly grow and consume the earth. OK…Another camp said these tiny black holes would be relatively stable, not expand, and dissipate rapidly. Others said, “People, stop mixing astrophysics with camping!”

While it is not clear whether any black holes do get generated during the high energy collisions, it is fairly clear that none with large appetites have formed…so far…unless the implosion of the earth has tossed us into a parallel dimension seamlessly and imperceptively – which I doubt.

But what if black holes are constantly being formed and dissipated at sub-atomic scales and within timescales that are beyond human observation? Then, Hawking Radiation – formed because of quantum effects at the event horizon of the black hole – would be extremely abundant. In addition, current thinking is those really tiny black holes we’re interested in called Micro Black Holes (MBH) shrink and dissipate faster, thus giving off larger amounts of energy, albeit in must shorter bursts.

And here’s another “but”: But what if these super abundant, super small bursts of energy could be captured by an energy sink that, like a template, could be laid across space-time? Infinite, free energy, that’s what!

That is the invention that I challenge you inventors to invent.

Go…why are you still here??!

OK, they’re gone…Now we can talk. For those of us too lazy or without the smarts to start thinking about that invention, I’ll continue opining: I’m aware that current thinking is that we don’t have the capabilities to generate the power needed to create a black hole. And I know you’re thinking (without any sarcasm of course), “when was the last time current thinking was wrong?” Which is my point exactly. We don’t even understand why women say they’re fine when we know they’re not, so I think there’s a small possibility some re-thinking on this could harbor some novel ideas. Especially you physicists, who obviously know nothing at all about women.

My source? Why the dog-faced magician of course!

So forget about our capabilities and think about what may already be much more abundantly present in nature and available to harness than we ever thought: yes, black holes. While I’m fairly certain that this is true and I can’t prove it to you (you’ll have to trust the dog-faced magician that told me last night), I think there is something big we will discover in this domain – even larger than the benefits of free, unlimited energy!

Scientists have lately begun to be disappointed that the Large Hadron Collider is spewing out data that they expected. While it’s really interesting to wonder if the Big Bang was just somebody else’s “Hadron Collider-like” experiment, I think it would be more fruitful to look really hard for proof of those oceans and oceans of black holes that are everywhere and figure out how to harvest their Hawking Radiation. At the same time, physicists can begin to better mesh the theories of large scale gravitation and quantum physics.

Just my two sense (sp).


About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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