Rebuilding Gifts for the New Civilization (Post 2012 Mayhem)

This is one of the cooler end of Earth graphics I’ve ever seen

I recently posted a question on Twitter that drew an ASTOUNDING number of responses. Zero actually, but that’s not the point. The question was:

What 5 things representative of humanity and human progress would you want preserved to help return civilization back our current state should a devastating, earth-threatening calamity strike?

Imagine that the almighty god (insert yours of choice, of course) came down to you and said, “psst, hey. Got an inside scoop for you…tomorrow…*looks left and right*…tomorrow it’s all gonna go down.”

You would naturally respond, “Why are you telling me?!”

God: “Dude, shut up and listen!

You: Jeez, you don’t have to be so rude.

God: What? My son is here?

You: *shakes head*

God: So here’s the deal. Tomorrow, big explosion around 9:14am –

You: Wait, what time zone?

God: Really? Yours obviously.

You: I’m not sure that was all that obvious, God

God: Do you really think I would give you a time and have it not be in your time zone?

You: Touché, God.

God: So as I was saying –

You: That’s standard time, right? I mean…because we just turned the clocks back.

Dog: ay eeS

No, that’s really the nightmare version of this scenario because not only do you now know that the world will end tomorrow (although not positive about the time), God has left you and you don’t really know what he was going to say to you about it…maybe an offer of some kind? Some immunity? An opportunity to dial a friend?

So let’s assume that conversation doesn’t go like that and imagine that God has strolled down from his perch from up high or upon nigh or from yonder or whatever locale he haunts and has given you information about the end of civilization AND an offer. Unfortunately that offer doesn’t save your life, but it does give civilization a chance to bounce back quickly after the mayhem and destruction has died down a bit. That’s not too bad of a deal is it? Maybe it is, but I didn’t hear you really listening and trying to negotiate with him. Is one of the rebuilding gifts negotiation skills? No, then our new civilization would be a bunch of lawyers and Major League Baseball agents – nothing would ever get done…

So what are these 5 rebuilding gifts that God has permitted us to set aside almost as a recovery time capsule? Some mix of technology and culture? Plans for a really cool septic system?  Minecraft? (But then you’d need the Xbox too…and electricity…and a TV. That’s only 4 – you’d still have one more left!) Let’s hope no one would seriously consider that.

I’d love to hear ideas (but don’t hurt yourself too much coming up with these). And no, one of them can’t be an infinity manufacturing plant where anything can be built. We don’t have one of those today. It has to be something we have today, Einstein.

Whatever we all finally decide, I think we could all agree to have some fun with our future kindred and leave some specially encrypted passage within one of the rebuilding gifts – say a book of prophecy –  which, when translated, can be deciphered by our newly recovered civilization as an end of world message about 1000 or so years into their future much like they did here.

That’ll keep them on their toes.


About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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3 Responses to Rebuilding Gifts for the New Civilization (Post 2012 Mayhem)

  1. meximo70 says:

    -Kate Winslet
    -a crate of Jamesons
    -a crate of various seeds
    -male/female rabbits
    -Uma Thurman

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