The Viral Manifesto

YvF_2_2If I’ve learned anything about marketing on social media and the internet it is that things don’t have to be “good” to go viral and be extremely popular. In fact, very often there is an inverse relationship (Rebecca Black I’m looking at you).

Other times the more “advanced social” people will begin to dislike something for the very fact that it is popular. So what does it all mean? It means my stuff still has a chance to go viral – if only I can turn indifference into hatred…but hatred that must be shared.

Nah, that’s not really the approach I’m looking for as tempting as it seems. But perhaps there are some things I could do to make my online presence more popular:

Amazon Author Page:
Music (Oakenbras):

I have contemplated and decided against an act of mass violence, I have tried gimmicky contests, I have attempted to unite writers and start a grass roots movement to treat us like athletes moving up through an organized system.

And by the way, I never really contemplated any violence. I just find it interesting how the Unabomber, McVeigh and Manson seem to get a lot of looks at their material, albeit in the vein or genre of let’s-read-their-stuff-just-to-see-how-friggin’-crazy-they-are.

However, I am the Functional Lunatic. Mad by my very own eponymous cognomination.

It’s just not enough though.

I can say that I will one day create something so awesome, new and contagious that it must be shared by folks who are so eager to be considered cool and the bearer of all things cool – shepherds of the super-duper, if you will – but I have already created these things: true stories of future technologies that so disrupt humanity as to bring about…well, you’ll just have to read them won’t you.

And you did read correctly: true stories of future happenings.

I am the Functional Lunatic; but perhaps I should change my name to the Futuristic Lunatic.

About Yorick von Fortinbras

YvF is a writer, musician that stays sane by being creative while navigating the demands of life, looking for those holes where a spark can get through.
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