YvF Books

I have 5 books available for sale in either eBook or print format:

  • I Write on Anything (Written on a Napkin) – this is my most recent book that I refer to as a ‘life story’. It contains poems, short stories, drawings and more that I wrote from the age of 10 through December 2010
  • Backgammon – my best selling book. A character driven fiction that I’ve since realized is about my best friend and my frustrations with him – too bad he never read it before he died
  • After Delphi – my first novel. I refer to it as Herman Hesse meets the Matrix. It features a perception-altering technology that the world isn’t ready for
  • La Llanta – Spanish title, but the book is not in Spanish; this is a follow up to After Delphi and I try to explore the paradox in which the future is known and free will still exists
  • Beyond 558 – techno-thriller centered around a technology that allows people to essentially decouple their minds from themselves to enable a dual existence. The pace is fast and the beginning is terrible…and something I’m proud of

I wrote them for you. Please check them out!

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